flex bench

Flex-Bench is a supplier of affordable 2-legged electrically height-adjustable table frames that are specially designed as a solid basis for all kinds of ergonomic workplaces such as workbenches, assembly, laboratory and packing tables. However, our frames are also used for height-adjustable measuring, test, control and welding tables and many other more specific applications.


Now that sit-stand workplaces are generally known and have meanwhile made their appearance in most offices, it is increasingly self-evident to work at the right height and work standing up at a table also in more industrial environments.

The advantage of a height-adjustable workplace is

  • That the workable height can be flexible adjusted to the height of the user
  • But also the nature of the activities to be performed. This reduces the chance of physical
    complaints, especially in the back and neck, which leads to less sick leave
  • Another advantage is that working at the correct height ensures better blood circulation, making the user more alert, resulting in fewer errors and higher productivity
  • The employee feels that their wellbeing is taken care of and therefore appreciated and motivated, because of the use of the height-adjustable workplace.

industrial workplaces

With the knowledge and developments in the office, the demand for similar but heavier solutions for more industrial workplaces is logically increasing. We believe that due to the extra physical aspect of working in an industrial environment, the ergonomics in these workplaces may be even more important, partly because of this it will have more effect.
At the same time, these kinds of adjustments usually require large investments which, although meaningful and necessary, must of course also be recouped within a reasonable time.


  • Our frames are very stable, step less adjustable in height and available in two load variants,
    each for different table top widths.
  • The frames are often used in work tables for production, logistics and all kinds of industrial
    environments, but can of course also be used in many other work areas or branches.
  • The table frames are delivered knock-down, are easy to assemble and by adding a table top
    or (using the optional mounting brackets) easy attachable structure, can be converted into
    the most ideal workplace for you according to your taste and wishes.
The above, in combination with a very competitive price, large stocks and fast delivery times, makes a
Flex-Bench a solid and reliable alternative to the current offer in the market.

about us

Flex Bench is a young company where personal contact is of paramount importance. Our experienced sales staff have extensive experience in the field of ergonomic solutions both in the office and in more industrial environments. They are happy to help you choose the right model and also help you with offering creative alternative solutions when larger loads or other dimensions are required. We also have standard options available for lighter applications with more or less than two legs. Our fast
and customer-oriented back office is happy to assist you with all your questions about quotations, orders and invoices.

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