Various applications

This powerful and extremely stable height-adjustable table base is often used as a good foundation for ergonomic packing tables or as a work table for assembly, in laboratories and logistics, but also for example as a measuring or control table or other situations where depending on the height of the user or the operator a height adjustment is required.




easy to assemble

The frame is also easy to assemble by non-technicians. Both lifting columns are provided with a foot and tray carrier, after which they are simply connected to each other with two beams. The base will be finished with an own table top of your choice and if required even a structure for tools, materials or lighting can easily be added using the optional mounting brackets. This makes it possible to adapt the tables to the specific application or wishes of the customer and at the same time give the tables their own identity.

a solid base

By making use of a standard base frame and finishing it according to your wishes, an ergonomic height-adjustable workstation for a wide range of applications can be created with little effort at a good price.

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